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For over 15 years we have worked successfully with leading residential real estate and hospitality clients around the world, for whom we develop bespoke marketing and sales strategies, design collateral, create distinctive branding and manage lead generation. With increasing numbers of projects involving branded residences, we are continually reminded of the opportunities associated with this burgeoning sector, especially when planned and executed effectively.

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Chris Graham
Managing Director


Branded Residences:
An Overview

One of the real estate industry’s fastest growing sectors, the branded residences concept is attracting increasing numbers of developers, hotel operators, luxury brands, investors and buyers in markets across the world.

With insights from leading industry experts, in this second edition author Chris Graham examines the reasons behind this remarkable growth and its place in the international property market in 2018 and beyond.

Printed copies of the 42 page report are available upon request (postage & packaging will be charged).

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Marketing Collateral

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so expertly-prepared marketing collateral is an investment that pays for itself many times over.

The prime purpose of marketing materials is to sell your real estate when the sales team is not there to sell.  It must therefore work remotely and take the reader through a positive journey.  It needs to tick many boxes in the reader’s mind so he or she thinks: “Yes, I really want to find out more about this development”.

All elements should be designed to bring the development to life on page and screen, so that potential buyers can truly sense the living experience and lifestyle on offer.  This is what motivates them to enquire and, ultimately, to visit.

It is also highly likely that buyers are looking at several competitive real estate developments, so it is essential to ensure that your project stands out in their minds – and for the right reasons!